How to Prepare for for a BadMarket/Economy

How to Prepare for a Bad Market/Economy

It looks like I have missed a ten-year bull market run, but I feel it is not worth the trouble because many of the persons running it are too greedy, and many that are still in it will not be able to sell at the top.

The key to successful investing is to have liquidity at all times to take advantage of any changes.

The people running the markets today believe they have a fail-safe mechanism, and they are sadly wrong.

Their mantra in on making the most they can, whatever way they can. They were able to make legal what was illegal in 2010 with the Dodd/Frank Act

That Act benefits management from the individual, and you better believe it.

One should invest in Ed Steer’s Gold and Silver Market letter; It cost just $100. HIS BUY LIST IS LONG-TERM. He has never sold while I have been a subscriber for several years now.

Silver is dirt cheap and the only safe place to be, in my opinion. He knows which stocks to buy and hold. He keeps adding on dips. When silver was down at $11 per ounce last year, he gave a buy signal at the very bottom.

His service has timely information from other services and legitimate market writers.

He is a Canadian based in western Canada, and he knows the silver Markets well.

Jimmy Rogers, a legendary market investor, also likes silver because it

is so cheap, but he is the only one that I know that realizes that this market could be worse than in 1929.

According to the financial times, Ted Butler is a leading authority on silver, and he cost $34.99 per month. Ted has called the bottom to this Bear run. He publishes every Wednesday, afternoon, and Saturday.

I would keep 20% of your funds in those stocks that Ed mentions.

I would keep 30 percent in gold and silver coins. 5% to 10% in Gold coins (current) and 20%+ in current silver coins should make up your portfolio. I am writing this because there could be an outside chance of a civil war between major cities and the suburbs, which could lead to interruption of our electric system and the use of credit cards.

You must buy American or Canadian because we are brothers and sisters and will top produce backups if needed.

Invest in only local or stocks that you know well and only a minimal amount to keep “your toe in the water.”

Back in March 1933, I checked the price of GE, which was like Tesla is today. GE was then light bulbs, and every grocery store had significant shelf space for them. It was the highest-priced stock on the NYSE then. IT SOLD FOR A WHOPPING $15 PER SHARE.

JP Morgan sent a small message to every employee on a yellow piece of paper that said, “OK TO BUY STOCKS, JP.” The problem was that no one had any cash to buy stocks. Liquidity should be your primary logic towards your investments today and tomorrow.

I would purchase 2 years TREASURY NOTES AND 90 Day treasury bills at the auction 9. THERE SHOULD BE NO FEE. If there is one change broker or bank. Your T bills rolled over every ninety days when they mature at no cost.

Remember that the street is very greedy and will keep issuing bonds and debt instruments until no one buys – then they will stop. The rest of the world co[pies us because our economy is so big that the next 4 or 5 economies combined will not be above us. These economies do not have the economic freedom that we enjoy to become very sick compared to our minor cold. A default in their debt or companies could cause a significant contagion of US bankruptcies and bring a sad end to many liquidity schemes.

One should cut back on their show of wealth in cars, clothes, and homes. Buy local when you can and shop at different stores to buy food, not run up a hefty bill for people to see.

Join a church that believes in the Bible’s old and new testaments because there are so many lessons. There you can meet people you should be able to trust.

Remember this: “when they back up the paddy wagon at a whore house, they take the whores and the queens!”

Nothing is sacred.

 Cheerio !!!

 P.s.. The problem with the Democratic party in the inner cities is the Republican Party failing to offer any viable candidates. Their failure leads corruption and demoralizes members of either party to participate in true and fair elections. Then these inner city elected officials end up controlling our national Government