Shop owners demand loans from govt stimulus fund

Traders and shop owners at a press conference on Sunday said that the businesses had incurred losses worth around Tk 27.68 lakh crore due to the Covid outbreak in the past 18 months and urged the government to provide loans from the stimulus package to help them bounce back from the crisis. 

Bangladesh Dokan Malik Samity, Bangladesh Bosro Babosayee Samity, Bangladesh Tiles Babosayee Samity, Tour Operators Association of Bangladesh and six other associations arranged the press conference at Newmarket Babosayee Samity Karjaloy in the capital.

Leaders of the associations also urges prime minister Sheikh Hasina to consider reopening of shops after August 5.

They also vowed to run their businesses in compliance with all health and safety guidelines.

Leaders at the conference also urged the government to ensure that Covid vaccine booths were installed at all markets in the rural areas.

Bangladesh Dokan Malik Samity leaders said that a total of 53,72,716 shops across the country had incurred losses worth around Tk 27 lakh crore in the last 18 months.

Losses incurred by the domestic apparel trade stood at Tk 25,000 crore, by tiles trade at Tk 15,000 crore, and that incurred by the tourism was worth Tk 14,000 crore.

Bangladesh Dokan Malik Samity president Halal Uddin and secretary general Zahirul Haque Bhuiyan, including Tour Operators Association of Bangladesh president Md Rafeuzzaman, Bangladesh Tiles Babosayee Samity secretary general Golam Rasul Belal, Bangladesh Community Centre Malik Samity president Shah Zakir Hossain, among others, attended the conference.

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