Fourth stimulus check and child tax credit: summary 30 July

Who is opposed to the Bipartisan agreement?

The measure to begin debate over the proposal passed the Senate across truly bipartisan lines, with nearly 70 seventy Senators voting in the affirmative.

A few Republican Senators have voiced their opposition and after former-President Trump’s statement yesterday bashing the agreement, more could follow.

Thirty-two Senators, all Republicans, voted against the motion to proceed, including Mike Lee, Marco Rubio, Ben Sasse, Ted Cruz, and Tom Cotton.

Utah Senator Mike Lee’s office released a statement on his vote against the motion to proceed. In it, he argues that the country is “already seeing skyrocketing costs for things we need every day. Housing, food, gasoline, and electricity are all becoming more expensive in large part because the federal government keeps spending more money than it has.”

Concerns from the GOP over inflation have grown in recent weeks, and for Senator, Lee this bill would make it even “harder to make ends meet and provide for our families.” The Consumer Price Index, which measures changes in the prices of goods and services, has increased considerably since the pandemic began. However, many economists disagree that federal stimulus is driving the surge in prices. Rather, some argue as consumer preference and behavior return to normal, the supply chains, many of which were broken or disrupted by covid-19, will need time to adjust.