Stimulus update: Is there a 4th stimulus check for $2,500 coming on July 30?

There have been three rounds of stimulus payments since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, neither the White House nor Congress has approved a fourth stimulus round of direct relief as of right now, and it is uncertain if they will in the future.

That has not kept rumors from flying on social media about a fourth stimulus check being disbursed by the federal government, specifically a check amounting to $2,500 on July 30.

A fake social media post uploaded to Facebook on July 15 claimed that everyone will receive $2,500 in stimulus money as of July 30.

“It passed 10 minutes ago,” the post claimed. “They did it.”

The end of the post gives a link to an article that “tells you what you need to do to get yours direct deposited and how to receive it quicker and how to track it!”

Instead, the link redirects users to an ape giving people the middle finger, according to USA Today.

To repeat: This is fake, and there is not a fourth stimulus check for $2,500 coming later this month.

The Biden administration has not passed any direct legislation regarding a fourth stimulus check, and the majority of Congress has seemed to steer clear of a fourth stimulus package as well for now, preferring to focus on more targeted efforts as the economy improves.

People have dawn up petitions for a fourth stimulus check, including one that is closing in on 2.7 million signatures, as the economy recovers from COVID-19 pandemic related shutdowns.

The federal government distributed three rounds of stimulus payments. The first payment was distributed in March 2020, in the early days of the pandemic, where eligible individuals received up to $1,200.

The second check of $600 came in December 2020, and the third round of payments were distributed in March 2021, where eligible individuals received up to $1,400.

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