Google and HSE most attractive employers for students & professionals

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Google and the Health Service Executive (HSE) are the most attractive employers to students and professionals alike, an survey has found.

Google was ranked as the preferred employer of students and workers in the business and IT fields while the HSE topped the poll of students and professionals in health and medicine.

Nearly 12,000 students and more than 7,000 professionals were surveyed for the Most Attractive Employers Index Ireland 2020 study, which revealed that workers are more keen on a job in the civil service than their counterparts in third-level education.

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No public sector organisation were listed among the top 30 for business or IT students, but health and medicine were more open to public jobs, giving preferences to the HSE and the Department of Education.

‘Students, understandably, want to work for international employers on the cutting edge of innovation, where there is potential to earn significant amounts of money and opportunities to travel,’ general manager Orla Moran said.

‘However, as professionals progress in their careers, their priorities change and considerations such as work-life balance and job security come to the fore.’

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The top employers for students in the business sector are predominantly within tech and professional services industries, including Google, Apple, KPMG, Facebook, and PwC, which all ranked in the top five.

Tech giants dominated the list of dream destinations for IT students, with Google, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon and Facebook making up the top five, followed by Intel, IBM, Dell, Samsung and Twitter.

Professionals in the IT sector are similarly set on working for large multinationals, although the civil service cracked the top 10, coming in at eight.

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In health and medicine, pharmaceutical and consumer goods giants such as Pfizer, Novartis, Johnson & Johnson, GlaxoSmithKline and Boston Scientific were among the most attractive workplaces, although the likes of Google and Apple also made the list.

‘For employers, it is critically important that they recognise these nuances and changing motivations of individuals at different stages in their career,’ Ms Moran added.

‘Equally, employers must remain agile to changing market conditions. For example, if an organisation is implementing the same employment brand or recruitment strategy as twelve months ago, it is no longer fit for purpose.’