Google fixes bootloop borkage plaguing Android Q installs

Android Q Beta 4 is now rolling out to Pixel devices

GOOGLE HAS FIXED the ‘bootloop’ issue plaguing early installers of its latest Android Q beta. 

The borkage, which forced Google to halt the rollout of Android Q’s fourth beta, saw Pixel users – predominantly those wielding a Pixel 2 XL or Pixel 3 – complain that the update failed to install and instead threw their Pixel into a state of constant reboot. 

“Help! My Pixel 3 is stuck in a bootloop after trying to install the Q Beta 4. All I get is the Google logo with the progress bar underneath, been like that for 20 minutes now,” one user whined.

Another sobbed: “Same issue here. A good 30+ minutes to the first Factory Reset screen, and now I’m about 15 minutes into the second ‘G’ and progress bar that I expect to fail.”

Google announced on Tuesday that it’s managed to fix the issue, adding that it has resumed the rollout of Android Q Beta 4 and has updated the downloadable images for developers.

“We’ve resolved the issue affecting some users when updating to Beta 4 and we’re resuming updates,” Google confirmed on Twitter.

“All enrolled devices will receive a new Beta 4 update to QPP4.190502.019 (even those with Beta 4 QPP4.190502.018 installed). We’ve also updated downloadable images for developers.” µ

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